Monday, August 6, 2012

sexual pressure points

Sexual pressure points, trigger points or erogenous zones

                Most all trigger points are in relation to male and female.  Some are more partial to certain areas when being aroused.  As a partner it is your job to experiment and get their precise spots into your sexual routine.  Most likely you will have to use several trigger points at the same time to stimulate your partner.  Woman are in higher correlation to this statement but many men also correlate to this rule. 

Erogenous zones:   Areas on the skin which cause higher arousal due to sensitivity and cause sexual fantasies or arousal.  They have a higher density of nerve endings which help increase the sensitivity and cause aroused pleasure (when stimulated properly).  Everyone has them but they vary between each person.   There are nonspecific zones and specific zones. 

Nonspecific zones:   The skin is similar to normal haired skin, has the normal density of nerves and hair follicles.  Common spots include: mouth, scalp, neck, chest,  abdomen, navel, tailbone, arms, armpits, fingers, legs, feet, and toes.

Specific zones:  direct sexual areas.  Genitals, foreskin, clitoris, vulva and perianal skin, lips of vagina, anus, and main places where direct orgasms can originate from.

There are places on the body that are such hot spots, they are loaded with supersensitive nerve endings; which will instantly rev someone up when they are stimulated.

Head:  Temples,  in-between the eyebrows, eyelids, lips, and ears. The head and scalp have mass density of nerve endings, and lightly massaging them can trigger dopamine and serotonin (feel-good hormones).    Apply pressure for 30 seconds on the temples and forehead, this will relieve tension and increase sexual excitement.  Use this when  movement is slow and female is on top or in missionary position.  When eyelids are closed slowly run your fingers or gently kiss across them.  When eyes are closed it puts the submissive out of control and the dominating in control, causing the sexual fantasies to increase and pleasure more desirable.   While kissing slowly suck on the outside bottom lip, while using the tip of your tongue to stroke up and down and still keeping his lower lip inside yours (mainly an arousal for men).  Nibbling on this section of the lip also helps.  Ears have points of sexual desire (also called Bosch point and libido point) and points for sexual compulsion (also known as Jerome point, or the point of sexual suppression).  Gently massaging with the thumb and the forefinger, to stimulate the Bosch point (the section closer to the face on the outer part of the ear) and the Jerome point (the outer part of the ear that is free from the head). 

Neck: Front of the neck, right below the Adams apple.  kissing this area ever so softly and slowly adding your tongue to lick around this area and heighten sexual arousal.   Back of the neck where the spine meets the skull.  Use your fingertips for 30 seconds and gradually increase pressure.  Massage the back of the neck with your thumbs when doing it doggy style.  Massage the area with your index and middle fingers when in missionary or with her on top.  You can also stimulate this area on a female during oral sex.  Shoulder G-spot is the area in the middle of the tendons on either side of her neck.  You can release tension by kneading the area slowly but with little force.  Do this during missionary, doggy style or while she is on top.  When tension is release it helps relax the person and enforce sexual arousal. 

Chest:  Specifically the breast and nipples and are common in male and females.  Mostly woman are affected by this but some males enjoy the soft kisses and licking of their nipples.  Some experts have found that males nipples might be more sensitive than thought.  Males might be shocked to the arousal they encounter when their partner travels to this territory.  Try sucking on an ice cube before beginning to help intensify this arousal by supercharging the cluster of nerve endings in the nipple.    In the center of the female breast bone right between the nipples, you can gently press with your thumbs; to promote relaxation and ease tension.  Do this when performing missionary and sucking on her breasts/nipples. 

Abdominal:   building up sexual tension by going from the genitals to the abdominal will tantalize your partner, making them moan for more.  There are a couple of spots on the abdominal that you can trigger.  measure about three or four fingers below her navel right above the bladder area (the bladder is above the vaginal bone), press it gently with about three fingers; this spot is ever so sensitive.  Do this while spooning, oral sex, or missionary with her legs in the air.  The back has  a spot that is located mid to lower back (about at elbow level) two fingers away from spine on either side.  When applying firm pressure for about two minutes using your thumb to massage the area slowly during doggy style, or two fingers pressing against it while she is on top.  Where the legs meet near the hipbone there is an area that is extremely ticklish and also sexually sensitive.  Use the heel of your hand and apply pressure to relieve sexual tension.  Nicely used during foreplay but greatly used during the cookie eating process!  HOLLA

Legs:  slowly moving your fingers up and down the inner thigh can drive people crazy.  It's a great way to get someone aroused.  Although the back of the knee is a tickle spot it also has a spot located between the two ligaments.  Use your index and middle fingers to gently apply pressure or gently kissing this area, but doing this with firm grip.  This gives the recipient a more relaxed feel and can cause an easy arousal.  Best used when doing doggy style, when she is on top, and with her legs on your shoulders.

Wrist: There is a large crease on the inside of the wrist, line up your pinky and apply two fingers for 30 seconds to alleviate tension; do this while she is on top and both wrist if you like.

Feet:  The feet are a known sexual pressure point.  Close to the middle of the bottom of the foot between the heel and the ball of the foot.  Give a firm and deep pressure and repeat this about ten times.  This is best used during foreplay and can be tried during missionary with legs in the air.  There is a spot on the ankle halfway between the heel and ankle bone.  This is a pressure point that is known to be linked to the sex organs.  Use this pressure point during reverse cowgirl.  When your man is getting close to orgasm put pressure there with your fingertips. 

Vagina: The clitoris is a very sensitive spot on the female body, it has a very high density of nerve endings (literally hundreds of thousands) which makes it one of the most aroused part of the female body.  Clitoral stimulation is one of the only way some woman climax.  Always start off slow when you are stimulating the clitoris (some men just start out rough, causing it to hurt rather than be pleasurable) than gradually work your way rougher and rougher until you hear her scream.  The G-Spot is another sensual spot on the woman.  This is located about two inches inside the vagina.  This can be a harder orgasm than the clitoris but some woman prefer the G-spot orgasm over the other.  It can produce a most deeper orgasm the squirting kind.  Doing missionary with her legs in the air while hugging them and his body at a 90 degree angle is one of the easiest ways to penetrate the G-spot.  The Para-cervical ring (also known as the A-spot, fornix or deep spot) is at the very back of the vagina. This can cause a deep vaginal orgasm and is a very powerful trigger point.  MEN, when you can feel the vagina muscles contract you know you have hit the deep spot.  This can produce the most intense orgasm is reached but is also the hardest of the three. 

Penis:  There are more trigger spots on the penis than the vagina (which is probably why you should always pleasure you female before yourself).  His Perineum is a patch of skin just below the balls.  It is close to the prostate gland and by pressing your knuckles into it can help create major orgasm.  There is another spot on the seam of his balls, the spot that separates the balls; gently slide your fingers down that seam for an aroused moan.  Slowly we move to the shaft of the penis (their main toy) their most prize possession.  As you move towards the tip of their penis, almost to the top is the frenulum.  We call it the F-spot because although at the top of the penis is just below the tip, the section of the penis that is rarely touched.  It is the spot just below the crown of the penis, where the head connects to the shaft of the penis.  There are a bunch of nerves that connect to this portion of the penis and can set off a great pleasurable sensation to the male.  Always circulate your tongue in this spot while performing oral sex for an increased moan. Last but not least the tip of the penis known at the head, where the most nerve endings are located on the male body.  Caress this spot on the penis for the most arousal from the male.   And please try to watch those teeth when performing oral because since the tip is the most sensitive spot on the male body it hurts them.